Hey, What A Deal!

Some companies will offer to check your air conditioner for a reduced rate as a way of getting in the door. In most cases, the homeowner responds to an advertisement for a free or cheap A/C inspection or tune-up. During that visit, the technician, or to be more accurate, salesman scares the consumer into costly repairs or mold-fighting devices. Others attempt to pressure consumers into buying an entire system. Some dishonest repair people go as far as to disable the unit in order to seal the sale.  Be careful with coupons as well. Don't trust them. Chances are they are just trying to hook you.

The cold, hard truth is that nothing in life is free. The real problem is that some homeowners look for the cheapest service around. The cheapest is rarely the best. Quality service work comes with a much higher price tag.  If an average homeowner only knew the cost of putting a tech in a truck and sending that tech out on a service call, they would scratch their head over a $29 fee. Believe me– you won’t be writing the check to them for just $29. These lowballers are the ones that you see on NBC’s Dateline.

My advice is to do your homework. Get references. Call family or friends for word-of mouth recommendations. But never, ever accept a "bargain" from a cut-rate
contractor. It will only cost you more.

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