Talkin' 'Bout My Generator

"Suicide Cord"
Backfeeding a portable generator directly to your home wiring system is not only DANGEROUS, it's a dumb thing to do. You MUST use some form of transfer switch or interlock, along with the proper male inlet for your generator to plug into. A transfer switch/interlock wired into your service panel is the ONLY LEGAL WAY to do this properly, and the only safe way for everyone involved. The transfer switch or interlock effectively and safely turns off the main power supply and turns on the generator power supply. 

Plugging your generator into your homes wiring is unsafe and no sane person would argue that. Sure, many people think and say, "Well all you have to do is turn off the main breaker" and your good to go but what if it isn't you? Will your spouse, neighbor, or children remember or have the knowledge of the progression of events needed to have temporary power? You can't fix such a outrageous safety hazard with stickynotes and a promise to be careful. One simple mistake can seriously injure or kill someone, cause a fire or at best, blow up an expensive generator. If you caused someone to become killed or injured, you would be held criminally responsible. Are you prepared to live with that? 

 If you're seeking to have a convenient way to temporarily hook up a generator to your home I implore you to hire a professional electrician. Reputable electricians are trained for your safety and reliability for power and wiring. Why on Earth wouldn't anybody want that?

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