Maintaining Maintenance

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Thank you, Benjamin Franklin -- your words are so true.

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family can enjoy reliable, energy-efficient air conditioning in your home.  It's another way to make your comfort convenient.

 We strongly recommend that our customers have preventative maintenance, not only for peace of mind but also to reduce costs and increase savings!

How does preventative maintenance benefit your HVAC system, and ultimately make your comfort more convenient and less costly?
      SAVINGS:  Recent studies have shown that doing regular maintenance can reduce future break downs by as much as 80%.
      LOWER ENERGY BILLS:  Regular preventative maintenance can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and save money on your electric bill.
      LOWER REPAIR COSTS:  Preventative maintenance can save a lot of money in repair costs by catching small problems before they become bigger, more expensive problems.
      EXTENDED EQUIPMENT LIFE:  Keeping all parts in good working order means less stress on the equipment overall. The unit functions better over the long term and it can last much longer than a unit that has not been sufficiently maintained.
      PEACE OF MIND:  Proper maintenance reduces repair costs, reduces energy consumption, maximizes equipment lifespan and maintains your comfort.
      COMFORTABLENESS:  Nearly 60% of our AC calls during the summer are due to improper maintenance that could have been easily prevented. It is advisable have your maintenance check performed in the Spring or Fall when it's not as hot.
      CONTINUITY:  We are often able to assign technicians to specific customers so you get to know the person who is entering your home. Furthermore, they are able to become more familiar with you and your equipment so that they have a reference of history with your systems.

Ask us about how we can help you get better home comfort and longer life from your HVAC equipment with preventative maintenance.

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