Summer Broken

Everyone knows that anything mechanical can and will break at any given time. We also know that summertime is the hot, hot, hottest time of the year. So does it make sense to put off repairing, servicing or replacing that old air conditioner until the hottest days of the year? 

What is nice weather for most people is bad weather to us. A/C repair guys hate nice weather. Spring and Fall time weather is when our A/C guys get bored. Obviously the best time for A/C replacement is before the old one dies but the two times of the year where most people are not actively using their heating or cooling units is always the best time of year to have repairs completed and new units installed. The Spring and Fall are also seasons where homeowners will put off maintenance and small repairs until they become bigger problems. As a result, when the A/C breaks, it's a real emergency during the heat of the Summer, the same time of year when A/C service techs are their busiest.

Every A/C company's most busiest time is the first heatwave in the Summer and first cold snap in the Winter. However the "off season" months are brutally slow. So when is the best time to schedule a replacement or service for your A/C? Well, you might get a little more attention to details during slow times. Scheduling will be more flexible in the off seasons too. Not to mention it's a whole lot easier to work in an attic when it's cooler outside. Also the techs won't feel rushed and overworked to complete the A/C service due to their high demand. And best of all, no wait times for you to be squeezed in to an already overflowing schedule.

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