Quality Time

Would you trust your home, your investment or someone who isn’t licensed and bonded? Would you give the same trust to anyone with a failing reputation? Of course not. It could result in disaster and you may not have much, if any, recourse. Rather than taking a big loss in repairs or mistakes, check all the credentials and reviews you can on the business before you purchase.

Not all air conditioning & heating contractors are created equal. Some companies are licensed and bonded but are unknowledgeable and haven't taken the time to properly train their staff members to take pride in their work. These companies don't want your business, they just want your money. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, mistakes just happen but sometimes problems occur due to laziness and poor workmanship. I have personally seen HVAC systems installed in such a way that makes it impossible to service properly.

Being uncomfortable in your own home or perpetually annoyed by your HVAC system is bad enough but when you consider the costs of a cheaper, yet poorly installed HVAC system may face in the near future, such as high energy bills, constant breakdowns, premature equipment failure or damages that can occur to your home due to mold or leaking drain lines, it becomes very apparent that it was not a bargain at all. Think about it, a poorly rebuilt automobile doesn't get near as good of gas mileage as a properly rebuilt one even though both seem to run well.

You could buy the best of the best and pay a premium amount of money to have it installed in your home but if it's a second-rate installation, you've wasted your money. Just remember, an air conditioner is only as good as the installation. I guarantee you that a well installed and properly maintained unit of relatively poor quality will work better and last longer than a high-quality, expensive unit that has been poorly installed and not maintained.

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